Cooperative training B.Sc. Business computer science

Company profile

Uben Ltd. is an important part of the IT department of the globally operating mail order business KAISER+KRAFT EUROPA group. It combines the advantages of a small company with the possibilities that a corporate group can offer.


Within the cooperative training you will learn a comprehensive know-how with the main focus on software development and business administration.
This knowledge can then be used in the development of software or the optimization of business processes.

The combination of training at Uben Ltd. and studying at FH Deggendorf takes 9 semesters. A cooperative training is the perfect combination of theoretical and practical content and prepares for professional life. This educational contract ensures financial independence so that you can concentrate on studying.


  • High school leaving certificate with a good grade
  • Above-average commitment
  • Very good technical and procedural understanding
  • Structured way of working

After successfully completed education you are:

  • Bachelor of science (B.Sc.)
  • IT specialist


UBEN Unternehmensberatung Enzinger GmbH
Mr Markus Gruebl · E-Mail: markus.gruebl(at)
Mitterleinbach 19 · 94065 Waldkirchen
Phone.: 08582 979 30 01 · Fax: 08582 979 30 22